MAXXIS Tire Forekaster 29 x 2,60 3C MaxxSpeed

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MAXXIS tire Forekaster 29 x 2.60 3C MaxxSpeed | wt | TR | EXO

When the ground is deeper or the weather is wetter, the Forekaster is the choice. The mid-height lugs are evenly spaced for perfect grip on trails with a loose layer over firm ground. The profile is more open compared to our race tires for better self-cleaning on wet soil. Wide, notched center knobs brake convincingly on slippery single trails. With the Forekaster you are perfectly equipped for the trails - in any weather.

Manufacturer's Notes: Maxxis strongly discourages the use of sealant containing ammonia. Ammonia has been shown to attack the carcass and, depending on the amount used, can weaken it by up to 30% after just a few months. Maxxis recommends using Tire Plasma tire sealant.


For the dual compound, two different rubber mixtures are processed into one tread strip. The arrangement of the mixtures is planned individually by Maxxis according to the desired properties of the tyres.

EXO Protection
This extremely cut and abrasion resistant material protects the sidewall of various Maxxis MTB tires. It is very tightly woven, light and very flexible. As a result, the performance of the tires remains convincingly good.

Tubeless ready
tube tires have many advantages: you can drive with less air pressure. This gives better traction and reduces rolling resistance. And where there is no inner tube , the risk of punctures is also reduced. Maxxis TR tires are better prepared for installation with sealant than other "tubeless ready" tires. The bead of the Maxxis TR tires is completely covered with a layer of rubber, just like a real UST tubeless tube . As a result, tube installation is successful for all rims with standard dimensions the first time you pump it up and with little liquid.

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